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compostable spoon and fork


On a mission to restore balance with our planet

Did you know that the world produces approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year? Half the plastic waste comes from single-use products, such as plastic bottles and plastic cutlery, used just once and then discarded. Now more than ever, we must respond to this global problem and make a better choice.

At Palmade®, we’re committed to bringing innovative and locally developed solutions that make it easy for our communities to adopt eco-friendly products and reshape our future.

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What sets us apart

We’re on a quest to build a new economy based on date palm-derived products that help replace single-use plastics in the UAE and beyond. More than just making products, our goal is to assist our community in transitioning to a more sustainable way of life.


Our cutlery upholds the deep connection with the date palm tree and reminds us of how it can play a vital role in our shared future.


We turn the date palm leaves into biodegradable cutlery that can be composted and turned into fertilizer that supports growing more date palm trees.


Our products are made entirely from natural products and are certified biodegradable as per EN 13432 and compostable as per ISO 17556.


Elegant Tableware that Makes a Difference

Our eco-friendly cutlery range features compostable tableware such as spoons, forks, knives and stirrers that are a perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, events and all types of food outlets. Whether you are looking to buy individual pieces or purchase wholesale, we’ve got something for everyone here at Palmade®.


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